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Pulteney Bridge Bath

Bath Coffee Shop Tour with Showaround

My review of a tour of Bath with Showaround taking in all the best independent coffee shops and cafes.

Boat on Lake Bled

Lake Bled Overview and Travel Competition

Lake Bled has been lifted straight from a fairy tale, fully living up to its reputation as one of the best tourist attractions in Slovenia.

Ljubljana in the Rain

I am absurdly excited. It’s late morning and the sun is shining over Zagreb as I attempt to squeeze through the train corridor with my huge rucksack like a tough piece of meat stuck in somebody’s throat. The train is humming in the background as the whistles and shouts of the busy Zagreb Glavni Kolodvor Train Station provide the music for my departure from Croatia. The reason I am so excited is that this train has compartments; proper old-school, doors-and-all compartments!

Photo of riverside restaurants by the Ljubljanica River in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Ljubljana Overview

Ljubljana is the perfect blend of cool and charming. It successfully mixes Central European architecture and horrendous, but somehow endearing ugly, communist apartments blocks, the latter acting as a necessary counterweight to ostentation.

Plitvice Lakes National Park Croatia | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Plitvice, Croatia – Two Nights in the Madhouse

Thankfully there is no not-so-slyly masturbating man on this coach so I am much more relaxed. Instead there is a lovely Croatian woman and her son behind me who start chatting to me. Her husband is from Paisley in Scotland so she almost speaks better English than I do (a shameful and repetitive embarrassment on this trip considering my lack of a second language).

Dubrovnik Old Town Croatia | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Dubrovnik – Day 2

The difference between Dubrovnik at night and Dubrovnik during the day could not be more pronounced and less welcome. From the moment you step into the old city you are absorbed into the swarm of tourists. You are sucked past the medieval lute band at the entrance and spat out, bewildered and alone, wondering how you have managed to lose your friend so quickly.

Amsterdam city canal romantic winter long weekend Europe | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Amsterdam Overview

Amsterdam is a city of contradictions but manages to not feel like one. There is no struggle happening below the surface for …

Flower pots windowsill Amsterdam romantic long weekend | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Amsterdam – Day 4 – January 27th

The Rijksmuseum is impossible to miss; a giant red brick building with painted tiles on the sides depicting different scenes from Amsterdam’s …

Flower market Bloemenmarkt brightly coloured asian umbrellas and bikes Amserdam | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Amsterdam – Day 3 – January 26th

It’s raining which makes us feel right at home and we head out back across the city to the Anne Frank museum …

Araki exhibition Foam photography museum Amsterdam | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Amsterdam – Day 2 – January 25th

If you’re ever in a new city I would definitely recommend going on a free walking tour of the place on your …