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Vienna Photos

Travel photos from Vienna, Austria including St Stephen’s Cathedral, the Hofburg Palace and the Natural History Museum.

Budapest Keleti train Railway station | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Day 4 – Vienna to Budapest

Day 4: On the walk to Wien Meidling we finally see some of Vienna that doesn’t seem to be trying too hard, …

Statue Eugene of Savoy Helderplatz Hofburg Palace Vienna Austria | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Day 3 Vienna

Day 3: After a quick breakfast in our room we head out to the Kunsthistorisches Museum (, €11/£8/$12 entry for students, Combi-ticket …

Natural History Museum Naturhistorisches Vienna Austria | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Day 2 – Vienna

Day 2, 8am: Alarm goes off, gets ignored. Much later than 8am: We get up, get ready and head out onto the …

Day 1 – Vienna

Day 1, 6am: The alarm goes and with annoying persistence reminds me that I need to haul myself out of bed. Early …