Monuments of Rome

Ned out Walking Down the Picturesque Piazzas of Rome

They say that Rome wasn’t built in a day but my, it seems like someone waved a magic wand and left the city awash with astonishing monuments and a glorious past. Reverberating by history all around it is hard to escape the architectural beauty and the monuments of Rome. So what’s so special about these colossal structures that make Rome the city that it is? Come, let’s take a look and revisit Roman history.

Once Upon a Time

Rome’s history spans over two millennia and over this massive period, some outstanding art and architecture developed in Rome. The amazing part is that these structures are retained over such a large span of time and intrigue people. I mean, just look at the Pantheon which was built 2000 years ago and with its massive dome and the marble clad interior that managed to inspire Brunelleschi still manages to make anyone awestruck. There are many monuments in Rome which were built ages ago (AD 125 in the case of Pantheon) and these structures are testimonies that have seen Rome as an empire and as a republic as well as the rise and fall of it.

Flanked by Stupendous Sculptures

This is another part of Rome that you must get acquainted with if you’re visiting – marvelous sculptures. These sculptures are reminiscent not only of the Roman Empire but also the talented sculptors like Michelangelo. These sculptors depict various emperors, people of ancient Rome, battle scenes and what not. These marvelous sculptors are found in the form of statues or sculpted on the monuments like Il Palatino and Parthenon and you’ll find some enchanting sculptors even if you don’t attempt to visit these sites. Not that you shouldn’t!

Christianity in Rome

The Roman Empire was against Christianity and ancient Rome banned the propagation of the religion. Those who were caught practicing Christianity were put to death and when a part of Rome burnt during the regime of Emperor Nero, he blamed the followers of Christianity and the people followed suit. However, Emperor Constantine made Christianity legal in AD 313, the Churches were built and flourished and the worship of other gods was banned in AD 391. That was probably the biggest example of antithesis!

Walking in St. Peter’s Square makes you feel like you’re surrounded by the arms of God and the glory grandeur of the interiors of this Basilica has been sung world over. Such was the impact of Christianity that came about it Rome. Multitudes of churches made with such marvelous architecture can be only found in Rome. A church which stands out for its architecture is Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls and while St. Ignatius of Loyola inspires art lovers, Sant’Ignazio Church is known for its painted illusions.

Rome is absolutely stupendous and inspires commoners and art connoisseurs alike. Now don’t sit down and attempt a sculpture but visit this glorious city with a massive history embedded in its monuments, churches and sculptures.

Author: Team Guiddoo


Photograph: Moyan Brenn


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