Lake Bled Overview and Travel Competition

Boat on Lake Bled

Review of Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled has been lifted straight from a fairy tale. Nestled in the Julian Alps near the border with Austria it basks majestically in the shadows of the mountains and fully lives up to its reputation as one of the best tourist attractions in Slovenia.

Whilst it might appear that there is less to do for travellers of a younger generation the idyllic beauty of the lake and its surrounds provide ample opportunity to let your hair down. Outdoor activities are excellently well-catered for with facilities for water sports such as paddle-boarding and kayaking as well as there being well managed and sign posted hiking trails up into the hills around the lake itself.

There are also a number of affordable hostels for younger travellers down by the lakeside that allow you to go wild away from any prudish eyes before heading out to one of the few pubs in the area.

If this all sounds a bit too raucous for you then how about rowing across to Bled Island to visit the Church of the Assumption of Mary or up to Bled Castle for excellent views over the lake.

Bled surprised me by being much more than just a pretty face with lots to do, particularly for younger travellers, and has actually been my favourite place on this trip so far. It is gorgeous beyond description with an atmosphere that actively forces you to relax, perfect as a break after city hopping for a while.

Verdict: Go there, go there now!


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