Gourmet Italian Food Tours with Emilia Delizia

Image by THOR (Flickr).
Image by THOR (Flickr).

Where to Find the Best Italian Food?

Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world. As a haven for tourists and visitors, Italy is also home to some of the finest vineyards and restaurants in Europe. From Venice to Florence, the country is blanketed by countless outdoor eateries and sidewalk cafes.

There are also several food factories that produce the finest parmesan cheeses, hams, and balsamic vinegars. If you are planning to visit the Bologna region – you must also experience the wonders of Modena and Parma. These vicinities are home to some of the best food and wine manufacturers in the country – with daily gourmet food tours of all cheese and ham making facilities.

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar – Acetaia di Giorgio

If looking to sample traditional balsamic vinegar in Modena, go no further than Acetaia di Giorgio. This traditional mansion in Modena is home to some of the finest balsamic vinegars in the entire world. As a staple of Giovanna and the Barbieri family – the vinegar is aged to perfection and manufactured with centuries old traditions and rites.

Experience the vinegar tasting and guided tours that offer non-stop entertainment for all your loved ones and friends. The facility also showcases the art of artisanal production, along with a visit to the attic that store vinegar products that have been aged from 12-25 years.

As part of the tour, you and your loved ones will also get to sample local parmesan cheese and ham slices. Simply contact the venues about scheduling full lunch meetings – or simply enjoy the culinary delights this Modena landmark offers.

Image by Acetaia di Giorgio.
Image by Acetaia di Giorgio.

Parmesan Cheese – Hombre Farm

The next stop on your tour is the regionally-renowned Hombre Farm. This unique farm produces world-famous Parmigiano Cheese – according to traditional recipes. They also abide by the strictest rules and guidelines when it comes to organic production standards. With the latest farm management technologies – the farm manufacturers some of the best tasting and age parmesan cheese in the region.

From its base in Parma to Modena and adjacent areas, the farm receives countless tourists and guests that want to experience the magic of parmesan cheese production. Guided tours are available for those that want to see the cellars with hundreds of cheeses. Guests will also sample parmesan cheese slices and cubes, along with mouth-watering wine and other popular food. If wondering where to find the best food spots in Italy? – Hombre Farm must be on your regional tour itinerary.

Image by wonsun (Flickr).
Image by wonsun (Flickr).

Parma Ham – Salumificio la Perla

La Perla is the perfect venue to experience the magic of Parma ham. From the cured stages and production to final product – this amazing venue features ham cellars and exquisite dining areas.

Whether for lavish meals or elegant parties, guest and visitors are treated to some of the finest Parma hams in the regions. These hams are delicately ages and cured at local farms and other facilities. The venue also features a full wine bar, where tourists can enjoy fine wines with ham entrees and appetizers.

For over 20 years, the Lanfranchi family has dedicated themselves to producing the fines Parma hams for regional and global distribution. This legacy continues today at Salumifico La Perla – known as one of the leading manufacturers of this healthy, lean, and incredibly tasty meat.

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