Dubrovnik – Day 2

Dubrovnik day 2 in the old town with the views from Fort Lovrijenac and the beach nearby. Dubrovnik old city is busy but beautiful

Dubrovnik Old Town Croatia | Bean Abroad Travel Blog
Lovely little beach just around the corner from Dubrovnik old town.

The difference between Dubrovnik at night and Dubrovnik during the day could not be more pronounced and less welcome. From the moment you step into the old city you are absorbed into the swarm of tourists. You are sucked past the medieval lute band at the entrance and spat out, bewildered and alone, wondering how you have managed to lose your friend so quickly.

The crowd swells and attempts to wash us down the main street but fighting against the current we manage to find sanctuary in a side street. Deliberately getting lost in the back alleys of Dubrovnik old town is fun and feels like a small victory over the tour groups and geriatrics.

There are a number of fairly impressive churches in the old city, but the architecture of the crooked little alleyways is what gives Dubrovnik old town its charm. Washing is hung out from second storey windows and combines with the abundance of potted plants to create a cityscape that is as delightful as it is claustrophobic.

Dubrovnik Old Town Croatia | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Just outside of Dubrovnik old town is Fort Lovrijenac. A small fortress that guarded the entrance to the ancient city that is slightly out-of-the-way and therefore is not mobbed with tourists. Entry is 30 kuna for students and the ticket also gives you entry onto the city walls.

The fortress itself creates ample opportunities for photographs and the views on all sides are spectacular with two sides displaying the best of the Adriatic and the other two offering a fine a vista of Dubrovnik itself.

On the other side of the tower, away from the old city, we stumble upon a small beach. A haven of calm that is almost completely hidden from the majority of visitors with a really cool little bar. Unfortunately neither of us have brought our swimming stuff so we just get a drink and are mildly traumatised by the sight of a man in Speedos aggressively tanning his crotch.

Dubrovnik Old Town Croatia | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Retreating from that unfortunate incident we go up onto the Dubrovnik city walls for some decent views over the orange-tiled rooftops as the sun starts to set. The walk takes about an hour and we end up taking far too many photos, including some of a young guy being peer pressured by his friends and the clientele of a rather swanky bar into diving off the cliff face he was clinging to. After about 10 minutes he makes the leap to roars of approval from the terrace bar and a round of applause when he surfaces.

Whilst the photo opportunities from the walls are good they obviously lack the walls themselves so I actually prefer the photos from Fort Lovrijenac.

Dubrovnik Old Town Croatia | Bean Abroad Travel Blog
Sometimes life is alright.

Having been told of a relatively cheap restaurant by our host we hunt it down in the old town harbour and have a delicious seafood risotto whilst watching the fishing boats return to port from a day of competition at the 2015 Big Game Cup. Despite the mad free-for-all of earlier, today in Dubrovnik has actually been fairly pleasant.

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