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Slovenian Countryside Landscape on Karst Plateau | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

In Transit in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia – Trieste to Sarajevo (Days 2-3)

Trieste to Sarejevo Trieste is surrounded by hills. The city starts halfway up and tumbles down to the sea as if somebody …

Mestre Train Station near Venice, Italy | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

In Transit In Italy – Venice to Trieste (Days 1-2)

Venice to Trieste by train on the way to Sarajevo.

James Joyce Statue Grand Canal Trieste Italy | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Trieste in 20 Minutes, a Walk for Those With no Time

If you’re like me and have laughably atrocious time management skills then 20 minutes might seem like a perfectly reasonable amount of …

Mestre Venezia Graffiti | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Mestre Overview (Definitely not Venice)

This was going to be my overview of Venice after an afternoon spent basking in the history of the place, but due …