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Artwork for sale by Zagreb artists in a park in the Croatian capital.

Zagreb Photos

Photos from Zagreb, Croatia, including Tkalciceva Street, the Zagreb City Museum and St Mark’s Church.

St Mark's Church in St Mark's Square, Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb Overview

Zagreb is dull and uninspiring. Like a tired, cheap version of Vienna it has pretty buildings aplenty but an anticlimactic scope in its history compared to other, similar cities.

It is very different from the other cities that I have seen so far in the Balkans in that it has an architectural and spiritual affinity with Central Europe. I mean spiritual in the sense of ornate Catholicism but also in the general vibe of the city.

Sure it is pretty and has a stock of buildings of regional importance but there is nothing that hooks the imagination. Like lift music it is both familiar and pleasant but offers little of substance,

Plitvice Lakes National Park Croatia | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Plitvice, Croatia – Two Nights in the Madhouse

Thankfully there is no not-so-slyly masturbating man on this coach so I am much more relaxed. Instead there is a lovely Croatian woman and her son behind me who start chatting to me. Her husband is from Paisley in Scotland so she almost speaks better English than I do (a shameful and repetitive embarrassment on this trip considering my lack of a second language).

Dalmatian Coast Outside Split Croatia |Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Split, Croatia – Two Days in Dalmatia

In Transit – Dubrovnik to Split The journey from Dubrovnik to Split starts ominously with us missing the bus and struggling to …

Dubrovnik Old Town Croatia | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Dubrovnik – Day 2

The difference between Dubrovnik at night and Dubrovnik during the day could not be more pronounced and less welcome. From the moment you step into the old city you are absorbed into the swarm of tourists. You are sucked past the medieval lute band at the entrance and spat out, bewildered and alone, wondering how you have managed to lose your friend so quickly.

Dubrovnik Panorama | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Dubrovnik – Day 1

The queue for the border crossing into Croatia snakes back with drivers fatalistically settling in for an hours long wait. Our bus driver has no time for this polite but long-winded approach to border crossing so in true Balkan fashion he swerves out into the opposite lane, pulling over abruptly when there is oncoming traffic, only stopping momentarily before speeding off towards the border again.

Slovenian Countryside Landscape on Karst Plateau | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

In Transit in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia – Trieste to Sarajevo (Days 2-3)

Trieste to Sarejevo Trieste is surrounded by hills. The city starts halfway up and tumbles down to the sea as if somebody …