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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ottoman Furniture Biscevica House Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Mostar in a Day

We’re up early (why do I keep doing this when I’m on holiday, I’m supposed to be more lazy than normal), and we head off into the old town. I’ve been reliably informed that the view from the top of the Mehmed Pasha Mosque is spectacular and gives the best view of Mostar. Tickets are 10 marks to go up the minaret but trust me, it is worth it. Just be warned it is very narrow both on the stairs and at the top. We ended up chasing a lovely Danish couple around the viewing platform because there was no space to squeeze past.

Sarajevo to Mostar Road Bosnia and Herzegovina | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

In Transit – Sarajevo to Mostar

It´s another bus for my friend and I as we leave the fascinating city of Sarajevo for the equally historic Mostar (of …

Old Town Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Sarajevo City Tour

As I’m sure many of you know one of the best ways to see a new city is to go on a walking tour. The combination of superb local knowledge and getting up close and personal with the hustle and bustle of city life happening around you gives you a great introduction to an unfamiliar place.

Enjoying a Turkish Coffee Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Sarajevo – Bosnian Cuisine in the Ottoman Old Town

Bosnian Cuisine: the food of Sarajevo through the eyes of a diabetic. Kebabs, Bosnian coffee, baklava, the list goes on…

Slovenian Countryside Landscape on Karst Plateau | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

In Transit in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia – Trieste to Sarajevo (Days 2-3)

Trieste to Sarejevo Trieste is surrounded by hills. The city starts halfway up and tumbles down to the sea as if somebody …

Sunrise Over Sarajevo | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Sunrise Over Sarajevo Part 2

Sunrise Over Sarajevo Part 2. Sunrise illuminating the hills and tiled rooftops of Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sunrise Over Sarajevo Part 1

The sun pokes its head over the hills of Sarajevo and washes everything in a soft peach-coloured glow.