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Boat on Lake Bled

Lake Bled Overview and Travel Competition

Lake Bled has been lifted straight from a fairy tale, fully living up to its reputation as one of the best tourist attractions in Slovenia.

Photo of riverside restaurants by the Ljubljanica River in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Ljubljana Overview

Ljubljana is the perfect blend of cool and charming. It successfully mixes Central European architecture and horrendous, but somehow endearing ugly, communist apartments blocks, the latter acting as a necessary counterweight to ostentation.

St Mark's Church in St Mark's Square, Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb Overview

Zagreb is dull and uninspiring. Like a tired, cheap version of Vienna it has pretty buildings aplenty but an anticlimactic scope in its history compared to other, similar cities.

It is very different from the other cities that I have seen so far in the Balkans in that it has an architectural and spiritual affinity with Central Europe. I mean spiritual in the sense of ornate Catholicism but also in the general vibe of the city.

Sure it is pretty and has a stock of buildings of regional importance but there is nothing that hooks the imagination. Like lift music it is both familiar and pleasant but offers little of substance,

Plitvice Lakes National Park Croatia | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Plitvice Lakes Overview

The Plitvice Lakes National Park is gorgeous. Even in the rain the lakes have an allure that is equal parts mesmerizing and refreshing.

Republic Square Split Dalmatia Croatia | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Split Overview

Split has something for everybody. Whether you are a history buff, a clubbing nut, a top sailor or just really enjoy a nice glass of wine in the sunshine then Split is a decent place to start.

Dubrovnik Old Town Croatia | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Dubrovnik Overview

Dubrovnik is exactly what I expected. This is not a compliment. It is expensive, dull and the kind of place that would be much better if nobody else was there.

Mostar Panorama from Koskin-Mehmed Pasha's Mosque | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Mostar Overview

Mostar is small and only mildly interesting. Even as a civil engineer I am not enthralled enough with Mostar Bridge to want to stay for any length of time, in fact two days were almost too much.

Sarajevo Children's Memorial Bosnia and Herzegovina | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Sarajevo Overview

I have only been in this city for three days but there is something about it that is immediately familiar and yet …

Mestre Venezia Graffiti | Bean Abroad Travel Blog

Mestre Overview (Definitely not Venice)

This was going to be my overview of Venice after an afternoon spent basking in the history of the place, but due …

Vienna Photos

Travel photos from Vienna, Austria including St Stephen’s Cathedral, the Hofburg Palace and the Natural History Museum.